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Chatzidaki Eleni/Lenia

Eleni/Lenia Chatzidaki is a political scientist, graduate of the Department of International, European, and Regional Studies of Panteion University. Specializing in the field of International Law and International Organizations, she is professionally engaged as an independent researcher and experimental developer in the social and humanitarian sciences. Since February 2021 until the present, she has participated in numerous European and national research programs of Ionian University. Specifically, she investigates the institutional framework surrounding each project through a literature review of the prevailing situation and existing data. By analyzing the results of her conducted studies, she extracts relevant improvement needs for projects in accordance with the predetermined institutional framework they should adhere to and assists in shaping and designing appropriate operational rule standards. Additionally, she is involved in managing the financial aspect of some of the projects. She will soon graduate from the Master's Program in "Politics, Language, and Intercultural Communication" at the Ionian University, as her aspiration is to work with people from multicultural contexts.


SoSaMe - A prototype method of diagnosis, documentation and demonstration - analysis of rescue excavations